Almost one year ago, our lives changed forever.

After a rollercoaster of a journey, we were able to open our WonderHere Farm. A place we’d dreamed of for so long…

A place for children to imagine and build.

A place for them to take healthy risks.

A place not only for students, but for families.

A place of refuge from the stresses of traditional education.

And one year ago, every one of these dreams and more came true. But most often, the realization of dreams comes at a cost… as this one did.

It took so much more work and funds to get to the farm than we could ever imagine, and we are still recovering from those unexpected costs. Costs like unprecedented construction, legal fees to fight for the right to be here amidst opposition from surrounding neighbors (who now love us, by the way!), etc.

Only by the Lord’s miraculous provision and your generosity have we gotten this far, but we are not done yet. The outstanding buildout costs from opening our farm and new school property weigh heavily on our daily operations and we need the help of our community in order to reduce those remaining balances and get on to the important work we are doing of partnering with families and sharing the joys of learning and nature with children.

Would you consider giving financially to help us keep the dream of WonderHere alive and around for good?