We need YOU! 🪑

WonderHere friends and family are the most generous people on this planet. Together, you have helped our school and community raise over $35,000 to help us with our big goal of opening our Farm School!

$25k of those funds was raised during our Plant a Tree 🌳 campaign, which helped us plant over 700 trees and bushes as required by zoning. You then helped us raise $10k during our Walk-A-Thon 👟 campaign, which helped us fund a portion of our fire alarm system. 

Miracles upon miracles have sustained us and now we are ‼️DAYS AWAY‼️ from completing the final projects and finally getting to move onto the farm. 

These are only some of the costs that have gotten us to this point where, after 3 years of battle amidst opposition and irrational expectations, we are finally permitted to use our farm for our school programs and are making final preparations to open our doors:

✔️$250k sewage line 
✔️$30k landscaping buffer
✔️$25k fire alarm system 
✔️$30k sidewalk and driveway 
✔️$50k engineer costs

In funding each of the above major expenses one-by-one, our monthly operational budget has been significantly impacted to make room for these additional costs, and all while the need for daily operations has remained. 

This #GivingTuesday, we invite you to join hands with our initiative to "Fill a Seat with Wonder" 🪑 Your gift will help sustain our school for the first month as we make the complete transition to the farm. One month of operational costs total near $40,000. This cost includes instructors, mortgage, utilities, property maintenance, and educational resources. 

When dividing that cost between all of the children we currently serve, that is approximately $400 per child. 

Please consider sponsoring a “seat” at one of the three levels below:
🪑 $450 a chair 
🪑 $100 a stool 
🪑 $50 a mat

Anything you give is a tremendous help and blessing. All donations are tax-deductible and will go towards the WonderHere Education Foundation, a charitable non-profit organization under Section 501(c)3.

GIVE BELOW! Thank you in advance!

WonderHere is not just another school.

WonderHere is a movement. A community of families joined together under the banner of preserving childhood for our kids and yours. 

A movement away from classrooms reduced to four walls and towards learning done in nature and through life.

A movement away from the competition and comparison of peers and towards individual progress monitoring. 

A movement towards empathy and inclusion, ideas and creativity, listening and learning together, collaboration, and problem-solving.

A movement towards more family-togetherness. 

A movement connecting children to the real world of nature, and to our community through strategic partnerships.

WonderHere is your legacy impacting the lives of children and providing the platform from which they will leap joyfully into learning, exploring, and discovering how their individual ideas and gifts will change the world for good.

As you may know, we purchased a beautiful 10-acre farm to continue on this movement in January, but the battle to peacefully exist in our own community there began a year before that. Meetings, hearings, lawyers, and more meetings. Neighbors with hurtful things to say about children and assumptions made about our school and who we are as a diverse community has terribly delayed our move and exhausted unnecessary resources from our children and school.

Through tears and triumphs, only by the faithfulness of God and the generosity of others, were we able to officially take ownership of this highly contested property, and we are finally finished bringing the property up to "school zoning" code. Our story has just begun.