WonderHere is not another private school. WonderHere is a movement. A movement away from rote memory work, classrooms isolated by ages, high-stakes testing taking the love of learning out of education, and a huge step back from a traditional model that is broken and unable to equip tomorrow's leaders. WonderHere is a movement towards empathy and inclusion, ideas and creativity, listening and learning together, collaboration, and problem-solving. WonderHere is the bridge connecting our students to the real world of nature, and to our community through strategic partnerships.

WonderHere is your legacy impacting the lives of children and providing the platform from which they will leap joyfully into learning, exploring, and discovering how their individual ideas and gifts will change the world for good.

As you may know, the path to the WonderHere Farm, in particular, has been one of ups and downs, full of twists and turns. But as we move forward in confidence and hope, we humbly ask if you would partner with us and help provide more individualized instruction, encourage more innovation and new ideas, and support the lasting benefits of nature access and environmental/science education for children.

Specifically, we are asking to help make our School on the Farm a reality. Here is our ask:


$33,500 to build out the Minis Classroom


$33,500 to build out the Leadership Cohort Classroom


$90,000 to build out the barn as an assembly space + additional classroom space


TOTAL: $157,000

Here is our progress!


We thank you in advance for your support!